You can get your ex back, but you have to be willing to follow the guidelines that actually work. Some women feel compelled to beg, plead, cry and resort to stalking as well. These are approaches that don’t work and will make you look foolish and desperate. Getting your ex back is possible by following the proven techniques that include:Agree to the break-up
This will throw him off balance since he expects you to plead and beg for another chance to be the woman he wants. Now you have him thinking!No contact whatsoever for at least thirty days
Deep down he wants you to pine for him and miss him terribly. He certainly wants you to call and text him even though he tells you to “get lost”. It’s somehow flattering to him if he thinks you can’t get over him. When you don’t call, he’ll wonder why.Get on with your life
Once you realize that any technique you try on your own, especially begging is the wrong thing to do, what will you do? What you need to do is go about your life! Your end goal is to have your man back, so start preparing (so to speak). If you have all this extra time on your hands now, a great thing to do would be to join a gym. Not only will you get into great shape (for your new reveal) but you’ll also meet new friends. Meeting new friends (guys in particular) will be beneficial to you, especially if they are people your ex doesn’t know. More about that later! Get a new hairstyle or even change the color! Reinvent yourself! You can have a lot of fun doing it. Go out and buy some new clothes too. You want a killer look so your man is taken aback when he sees you again. Remember your end goal is to get back the man you love!Play Your Cards Right
Men are wired differently than women. Ladies seem to show the emotional side of them more often, and men tend to be into the visual aspect in a relationship. Its human nature to want the things you can’t have or to want what someone else has. If you make sure your ex sees the fun you’re having with your new friends he doesn’t know, he will feel out of the loop. He can’t ask his friends what you’re up to because these aren’t the people you’re hanging out with. You have a completely different group of friends that he has no contact with. You can give your ex a sneak peek though through the photo’s you post on your Facebook page. Is this a little sneaky or immoral? Not really, after all, he ended the relationship with you! Posting photos on Facebook is a very common thing for anyone to do. The fact is, after seeing the new you with people he doesn’t know, will send his head spinning with thoughts of you. He won’t be able to think of anything or anyone else. You just ruined his ability to move on!Timing is everything
After you’ve given your ex plenty of time to miss you, you can go ahead and give him a friendly call to catch up. Nothing should be said about your break-up at this point. Meet for coffee and that’s it. Talk about everyday things like work, activities, and friends in common, etc. Keep it short. Leaving within a half an hour will make him wonder why you don’t want to stick around longer. Say you have somewhere to be and thank him for a nice conversation. Leave him wanting more of YOU!
Do this every so often until he asks you to give the relationship another try.  Don’t pursue him and don’t call him. Let him come to you! This will instill your value in his mind. Guys want what they have to work for.
He will want to restore the relationship, and you can become a stronger couple than ever before. Remember to always let him pursue you, even after you’re back in each other’s arms. It will work and you will get your ex back and keep him.
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