We’ve all read articles and books about learning how to get him back. Your boyfriend “dumped” you and you’re heartbroken.
There is a huge market for information on this subject. Every woman that’s been in this position wants to know how to get back together with her ex. The blogs, forums, videos and books will tell you all of the best techniques that will work to get your ex-boyfriend, fiancée or spouse back, but how much detail goes into information about how to keep him once he is back with you? This is what you are about to learn.
The first thing you need to be aware of is that men want to be admired and thought highly of. Men want to be the protector. They want to be the man of the house. They want the compliments for what they do and how they appear. Yes, that sounds egotistical, but it’s the way men are wired. If you don’t stroke their ego, they will find someone else who will. There needs to be a happy medium, of course, because women deserve praise as well.
Men are very visual creatures. This often times gets them in trouble with their woman. They may not even realize that they’re staring at that beautiful blonde sitting at the next table in the restaurant you’re at. You notice though, and that could be the start of a whole night of arguing.
Men need to be a little less obvious, but if you looked that good, maybe he would be staring at you instead. This is all based on the man you’re with. Are you with a decent, loving man that just needs a little work, or are you with a “dog” of a guy, or the “bad boy” that you will never change? Hopefully you are with a good guy and you can both work together to have that great relationship you are longing for.
Start doing fun things together again like you used to when you met. Rekindle the moments that made you two a great couple in those early days. We all know life gets in the way, but any relationship that has merit is worth working at.
Do you both like outdoor sports? Do you like to travel? Are there any hobbies you have in common? Do you have a couples gym membership?
What are your favorite restaurants? You need to start dating again. That may sound funny to people because you are back together already. Yet, by treating each other as someone special like you did in the early days of your relationship, you can reignite that spark.
You need a date night at least once a week even if you are living together. Dress up and go out for the evening. Have a great dinner then go to a club and dance! Have fun with each other! You can stay home and still have a fun night in with popcorn and a movie. Snuggle up on the couch and watch a scary flick. Don’t worry, he will protect you! See what I mean? Have fun and enjoy each other’s company again.
Don’t forget to look good for your man and his head will stop turning when he sees an attractive woman. He will have a beautiful and sexy woman right in front of him. That would be YOU!
Buy some sexy clothes and get your hair done differently. Look spectacular! He won’t be able to resist you!
You will have a great renewed relationship together if you both put the effort into it. Look good for your man. Tell him you love everything about him. He will do the same for you. Have fun together and your relationship won’t stagnate.
Once you get him back, make sure you keep him. You can, by being each other’s best friend and lover.
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