Getting dumped by your ex is a very heart breaking experience which can last for days, weeks or event last for months, causing depression, anxiety and all sorts of problems which could affect your physical and mental health. But there is still a chance to get your ex back.
Even though your relationship is broken there may still be a very good chance  to get your ex back if you avoid the following common mistakes:
Stay away for a little while and don’t try to contact your ex. Do not visit, call on the phone, text message or try to contact by email. This type of behavior only would seem like desperation which might not sit well with your ex.
Weather the breakup was your fault or not, you both need some time and space to clear the air to reflect on what happened and how to correct the issue. You will survive without your ex. And that’s the way you will find out if you are able to survive without your ex.
Reconciliation is sometimes a long process. You must take time to reflect on your past relationship and what the next step should be.
Don’t try to involve someone else to mediate between you and your ex. It is natural to speak with friends and acquaintances about your situation but never have them get involved by sending messages to your ex for you. Try not to give your friends too much personal detail as it may backfire if your ex found out.
When a breakup occurs it is rarely the fault of one person. The relationship is between you and your ex. Try to work things out between the two of you and not involve any one else.
When considering contacting your ex think about taking responsibility. Your ex might have a lot to ask of you. Be prepared by taking the time to think about what you will be up against. What can you do to make the relationship back to where it was and better? What can you do to make yourself a better person, lover, partner, friend? What can you say to make you and your ex get back together again?
What if your ex tries to contact you first. Be rational. Don’t jump to conclusions. Give them a chance and let them talk. Try not to interrupt until they stopped talking. When they finally stopped, then that is your chance to say your piece or peace. Do not play that blame game or thinking you have been wronged that only leads to arguments. Try to focus on the future. Is he or she worth it getting back together with?
Maybe a breakup is what was needed to correct a situation that was brewing in your relationship but you did not know how to correct or you did not know how to bring it up without risking the relationship. Well here is your chance to get your ex back.

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