Can I really get my ex back? Are you looking at the old emails, text messages, listening to old voice mails left by your ex? It’s not uncommon to constantly think about your ex and to think about how can I get back with my ex?.  After all who wants to be alone? There are a few things that you need to asses after a break up to set yourself straight and to put some thoughts to getting back together again.
After a break up the first thing you should give yourself is a break as well as giving your ex a break. Separation, sometimes, is a wonderful thing. Time might heal all wounds. Time will allow you to sort things out about your relationship and what you need to do to getting back with your ex. Stop thinking so much about, “how I can get my ex back”. Stop obsessing this will hinder your life emotionally, physically and socially. Don’t become infatuated by this especially since you’re not anywhere close to winning back your ex for the moment.
Don’t contact your ex repeatedly. Don’t bother your ex. The last thing you should be coming across is as being clingy and desperate. Try to move on with your life. Remember that if you had a life before your ex you have a life after. If you happen to see your ex don’t beg for another chance. Be nice and courteous and do not talk about your current state or ask about theirs.
When you ask yourself: how can I get my ex back? You really should be asking yourself: is the relationship worth getting back to? When you go through a breakup, it’s normal to feel alone and being lost. You may fascinate that getting back together with your ex is the best thing for you. You need to think about the reasons the breakup occurred. Is it really best to get your ex back or not? It’s very important to take a realistic look into the relationship before you try to get back your ex.
This is the time to distract yourself from obsessing over the breakup by taking a break to go out with friends and family. Go to the movies, the theater, read a couple of  books. Go shopping for new clothes or go to the gym; do things that will make you feel better and that will distract you from thinking about your ex. This will show your ex that you can be a mature person despite the problems in the relationship. Give your ex reasons to rethink their decision.
When you keep asking yourself: what can I do to get my ex back? Consider  being a friend. Let your ex know that you will be there when he or she needs someone to talk to. Give him or her a hug or wipe away tears if they are crying. By showing them that you are compassionate, your ex might realize that he or she made a mistake by leaving you.
Evaluate everything you have done. Have you changed for the better? Are you able to live with the issues in the relationship? Have you answered your own question: can I get my ex back? If you answered yes to these questions, you know how you can get your ex back.

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