Wondering what you can say to your ex boyfriend to win back his heart? Well, to begin with, you should limit contact with your ex for a period of 3-5 weeks after the breakup.  But at all times (with almost no exceptions), you should avoid saying the following things to your ex boyfriend…
“Please take me back”
This is the first and most obvious of the six things you should never say to your ex boyfriend.  By pleading or begging your ex to take you back, you’re basically telling him that you’re desperate and have no other options…. that’s not the message you want to send.
“I miss you”
Assuming your ex boyfriend was the one that initiated the breakup, then he’s probably not missing you yet… While you may think that telling him this is a sweet gesture, it’s been proven that saying “I miss you” to your ex boyfriend will only push him further away. In my experience, this is absolutely true.
“I still love you”
Just like saying “I miss you,” telling your ex boyfriend that you still love him is almost always a bad idea as it shows weakness and desperation… neither of these will help you get back together with your ex, so don’t tell him this.
“Let’s be friends”
Why would you tell your ex boyfriend that you want to be friends?  Sure, maybe if all hope is lost (unlikely at this point) you’ll want to be friends with this guy, but until that day comes (and let’s hope it never does), then you should be trying to be his girlfriend, not his friend.
“I’m sad and lonely”
Sure, you’re probably upset about the breakup, and that’s completely understandable… but that’s the last thing you should be telling your ex boyfriend!  You don’t want him to think you’re sitting in your basement crying, because that will only validate his decision to breakup with you!  Instead, you want him to think you’ve moved on and don’t need him in your life.
“I met an awesome new guy”
While there can be a time and a place for inciting jealousy in your ex boyfriend, it’s never something you should be saying straight to his face.  He’ll probably find out anyway, and if you simply tell him that you’ve found someone new, then he’ll likely just get angry and assume you’re actively trying to make him jealous.
So, that’s six things you should never say to your ex boyfriend if you want to get back together with him…. hopefully, you’ll follow my advice and avoid telling him these six things that will push him further away.
But what can you say to your ex to win back his heart? Well, there are indeed a few specific things you can tell your ex that will make him miss you and want to have you back in his life… I’ve explained a few of them in the free video presentation at my website.Click here to learn what to say to you ex boyfriend.

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